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Stop-Motion Animation

On this two-day workshop students will learn the principles of stop-motion animation and be introduced to different ways of making stop-motion movies through hands-on experience.

Learn how to create drawn stop-motion videos, object-motion (moving objects around to create a video - like Lego animation), and cutout-motion (using collage and images cut out from magazines).  Students can let their imagination run riot and use all of the methods described above in one video!

You will be shown how to use a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to create your stop -motion film and use some very intuitive software which costs nothing for the free version of the app, or approximately 5 euros for the full version. The set-up to make your own stop-motion videos will be shown - lighting and various ways of creating your own mini (low-tech) studio.

Schedule and prices 2020:

Class size of 3-8 students

For students new to animation processes

Instructor: Patrick Loan

Languages: English

Summer Intensive Courses 2020:

  • August 17-18th:


Meeting 2 consecutive days

Monday and Tuesday

2 sessions, 3 hours each, 6 hours total


€110 2-day intensive course fee


*Students must bring a tablet or smartphone with a working camera and will be sent an animation app to download before the course (free and pro versions available)

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