3D Plaster Casting

On this two-day workshop students will be introduced to basic casting techniques and also how to think about understanding form and structure.

Using objects as moulds, plaster of Paris will be used to make basic casts. Another method will be by using an object as a former (the object you cover to get a cast) and covering it with Modroc (plaster of Paris in a bandage form). This method will be introduced as a way of creating a cast of an object/ shape, and this method also allows you to take a cast of a body part!

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with taking casts and thinking about how to use them as sculptures on their own, or by incorporating them into other artworks.

Schedule and prices 2020:

Class size of 3-8 students

For students new to cast making

Instructor: Patrick Loan

Languages: English

Fall 2020 Schedule:

  • November 5-6th:



2 sessions, 2.5 hours each

5 hours total


Workshop Price:

€85 2-day workshop fee, materials fee of €20

Total cost: €105

Studio Address:

Schwarzingergasse 4

1020 Vienna

3rd Floor


+43 664 765 53 89

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