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Painting from the Life Model

In this course students will delve into painting directly from the life model. There will be a nude life model at each session, and students will experiment with various approaches to figure painting. Some basic painting experience is recommended.


We will use a range of materials in the course, including acrylic and oil paint, painting on carboard, paper and canvas. The first two days we will focus on a series of quick "sketches" with paint to experiment and get comfortable with the process of painting from a model. The last two days the model will hold 1 long pose so students can develop a more finished painting during the final two sessions.

By the end of the course, students will have a collection of quicker gestrual paintings on a variety of surfaces, and 1 more developed painting.

Schedule and prices 2020:

Class size of 3-8 students

For intermediate students


Patrick Loan

Abby Brown

Languages: English

Summer Intensive Courses 2020:

  • August 10-13th:


Meeting 4 consecutive days

Monday through Thursday

4 sessions, 3 hours each, 12 hours total

€220 for the 4-day intensive course, plus materials and model fee of €55*

Total price: €275

*Material and model fee covers the cost for the life model and 1 canvas, all other painting surfaces, acrylic and oil paints, brushes, etc.

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