Drawing from the Natural and Constructed World

During this course, students will develop and expand their knowledge of and skills with drawing. We will introduce students to a variety of approaches to drawing, from methods to develop accuracy and realism, to projects that emphasize experimentation, improvisation and abstraction.  We will cover expressive mark-making, composition, accuracy, multimedia approaches, color, improvisation, and many other fundamental aspects of drawing. This course is appropriate for students who are total beginners with drawing, as well as intermediate students who are looking to expand their knowledge of and approaches to drawing. 


For this course, the themes and exercises will center around two types of subject matter: constructed and natural matterial, or put differently, geometric forms and organic forms. Geometric forms would include architectural drawing, man-made and artificial objects, and creating believable geometric shapes with or without a reference (such as a photo or still life) by using tools such as vanishing points and geometric drawing principles. Organic forms would mostly focus on plants and objects found in nature, where the challenge lies in bringing in variety and asymmetry in an organic way which sometimes runs counter to how our brains want to create order and predictability. 


While the course will start with approaching geometric and organic forms representationally and accurately, we will also challenge students to explore experimental drawing approaches by combining geometric and organic forms together in unexpected ways. This could include abstract improvisational drawing using a combination of organic and geometric shapes and mark-making, or drawing plants using only geometric forms. This could allow the drawings to evolve away from the original reference material (e.g. a plant) into a place of abstraction, experimentation and play. 


The instructors, Abby Brown and Patrick Loan, will alternate weeks when they are teaching, so students will be introduced to different perspectives and approaches to drawing with each instructor. They will give demonstrations in class to show various techniques, and offer constructive feedback on a one-on-one basis with each student as they develop their artwork.

Schedule and prices 2022:

Class size of 3-8 students

For beginner and intermediate students

Instructors: Abby Brown, Patrick Loan

Languages: English

November - December:

  • Mondays from 6-8pm:

Nov. 7th - Dec. 12th

!! No session on November 28th !!

5 sessions, 2 hours each

10 hours total

Students may make up one missed class during one of the Open Art Sessions

Course Fee:

€190 course fee + €15 materials fee*

Total with materials: €205

*Students must provide their own A3 sized sketchbook. The material fee includes all other materials, including pencils, charcoal, markers, pastels, large format paper sheets, etc.