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Creative Processes and Experimental Materials

During this course, students will be pushed out of their comfort zone to free their approach to art making and allow themselves more room for creativity. This course is designed for students who want to move into a more creative headspace in their art practice by stepping outside of their usual way of working through material and process experimentation. The processes and materials in this course will walk the line between 2D and 3D work, combining drawing and painting with non-traditional materials such as plaster and textile. While some drawing or painting experience is recommended, beginners would also benefit from this course. 

The course will include some drawing exercises as warm ups designed to promote a creative mindset and work through compositions and concepts before moving into a more involved artwork. The main artwork in the course will combine sewing textiles onto a canvas and adding plaster for a 3 dimensional effect, and layering painting and other potential materials on top of this. Students will not only learn to embrace the “mistakes” which are essential to the creative process, but also learn that creativity can’t be planned and develop techniques for pushing their artwork to the next level through experimentation.

Schedule and prices 2022:

Class size of 3-5 students

All experience levels welcome, some familiarity with drawing and painting recommended

Instructor: Abby Brown

Languages: English, German on request

Spring 2022:

  • March 16th - May 11th:

**No class on April 13th or 20th for Easter break

Wednesdays from 6-8pm

7 sessions, 2 hours each,

14 hours total


Course fee:

€250 course fee, materials fee of €40

Total cost: €290

*The material fee covers painting, plaster, some limited textiles and drawing materials. Students should provide their own canvas and may wish to bring textiles of their preference to use in their artwork.

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