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Drawing - Line and Form

During this course, students will expand their knowledge of drawing and develop their artistic skills. This course is appropriate for students who are beginners with drawing, as well as intermediate students who are looking to expand their knowledge of and approaches to drawing. 


This course will include a variety of topics and subject matter, with an emphasis on line and form. Line refers to defined mark-making, and we will consider how to approach lines for expression and aesthetics rather than solely accuracy. Form refers to larger planes of light and shadow for shading, which ultimately gives objects a convincing sense of three dimensional shape and depth.  We will also spend time considering composition, and some guidelines for composing the layout on your page for various effects. 


Projects in this course could include still life drawing, figure drawing, gestural drawing, the abstraction of forms and experimental approaches to drawing as well as other techniques, materials and methods. From learning how to tackle measured drawings with accuracy and precision to more experimental and multi-media expressive approaches, students will become confident using a variety of drawing tools, mediums and approaches.


The instructor will give demonstrations in class to show various techniques, and offer constructive feedback on a one-on-one basis with each student as they develop their artwork.

Schedule and prices:

Class size of 3-8 students

For beginner and intermediate students

Instructors: Abby Brown

Languages: English, some German on request

January - February 2023:

  • Mondays from 6-8pm:

Jan. 16th - Feb. 20th

6 sessions, 2 hours each

12 hours total

Students may make up one missed class during one of the Open Art Sessions

Course Fee:

€225 course fee + €15 materials fee*

Total with materials: €240

*Students must provide their own A3 sized sketchbook. The material fee includes all other materials, including pencils, charcoal, markers, pastels, large format paper sheets, still life material, reference sheets, etc.

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