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Exploring the

Human Figure

In this course students will delve into working with the life model. There will be a life model at each session, and students will experiment with various approaches to figure drawing in each session. The course will focus on drawing and multi-media techniques such as ink, pastel, marker, collage or mono-printing (a basic printmaking technique).

Students will develop both creative and experimental approaches to figure drawing and also more accurate and studied approaches. Some sessions will focus on quick poses and gestural drawing, while others will have medium to long poses for students to develop more polished detailed drawings.

By the end of the course, students will have explored ways the figure can be used as a starting point for experimental artwork, while also having strengthened their understanding of anatomy, proportions and accurate more realistic figurative drawings.

Schedule and prices 2020:

Class size of 3-8 students

For beginner and intermediate students


Patrick Loan

Abby Brown

Languages: English

Summer Intensive Courses 2020:

  • August 24-27th:


Meeting 4 consecutive days

Monday through Thursday

4 sessions, 3 hours each, 12 hours total

€220 for the 4-day intensive course, plus materials and model fee of €40*

Total price: €260

*Students must bring their own A3 sized sketchbook and all other materials are included.

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