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Ink and Mixed Media

In this one-day workshop, students will experiment with a variety of materials, blurring the lines between painting and drawing. We will create several artworks during the workshop on both paper and raw canvas. Media will include ink, acrylic, markers, pens, watercolor, and others. Each artwork will incorporate several of these materials together in one work, and we will experiment with how these materials can come together into a cohesive artwork. 

A major emphasis in this workshop will be experimentation and working past any mental roadblocks we may create for ourselves by trying to avoid mistakes. Several exercises will specifically focus on pulling us into a more creative and expressive headspace, helping to free our creativity leading to more dynamic artwork. 

Students should expect to leave the workshop with several completed artworks and a better understanding of how to combine various materials into one artwork in a cohesive and balanced way and how to step around their own mental blocks to work from a more creative and expressive mentality.

Schedule and prices 2021:

Class size of 4 students

For students of all experience levels

Instructor: Abby Brown


Primary language is English, German on request

Summer 2021 Schedule:

  • July 17th:



1 sessions, 2.5 hours


Workshop Price:

€50 Workshop Fee (incl. €10 materials fee)

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