Painting Fundamentals II

In this course, students will build upon the knowledge and skills gained in Painting Fundamentals I. Projects will introduce students to different forms of painting, such as landscape and abstract painting, while all projects and subjects will serve to further develop student’s fundamental skill set. Students will gain further understanding of color theory, light-structure, composition, mark-making, rendering and use of materials.


Projects are specifically designed to encourage new approaches to artmaking, tapping into creative ways of working from the right side of the brain. We will use approaches that will encourage students to step outside their comfort zone, paint freely and expressively and turn off our overly critical and perfectionistic tendencies.

During the course, students will aim to complete 2 paintings and try a variety of approaches while gaining confidence in their technical abilities. This course will also discuss concept development and finding reference material for projects, giving students a valuable skill set for expressing themselves through art.


​The instructor will give demonstrations in class to show various techniques, and give constructive feedback on a one-on-one basis with each student as they develop their artwork.

Schedule and prices 2020:

Class size of 3-6 students

For beginners with some experience and intermediate students

Instructor: Abby Brown

Languages: English and German

Fall 2021 Schedule:

  • Nov. 3rd - Dec. 1st

Wednesdays 6-8pm

5 sessions, 2 hours each

10 hours total


Course Fee:

€190 course fee

optional materials fee of €25*

Total with materials: €215

*The material fee covers canvases and the use of oil paint, painting mediums, brushes, etc. Students wishing to use acrylic paint must bring their own materials.