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Basic Printmaking Processes

This one-day workshop will focus on the basic printmaking techniques of mono printing and block printing. Students will not only develop their skills using these materials, but will have the chance to experiment with a variety of artistic processes.

Mono printing: one of the easiest print processes!

This three-hour workshop will introduce students to the wonderfully simple printing technique of mono printing - one of the simplest printing methods, and once everything is set up, one of the quickest. 

You will be shown how to create mono-prints using the methods of drawing with a mark-making implement, such as a pen or pencil, and the impression technique (applying pressure on the paper to create a print). Mono printing onto different surfaces like newspaper pages, magazine photos or cardboard will be shown, and we will explore textures and different ways of mark making to create interesting prints.  A range of methods to colour your prints will also be demonstrated to show how you can make incredibly attractive prints. 

Explore the wonderful world of mono printing to create some great images!


Block printing

This technique is an extremely easy and quick way to create repeated patterns either on paper or textiles. Different ways of making blocks/ stamps to print will be shown and students will be given ample opportunity to experiment by printing onto different surfaces and textures.

Schedule and prices 2021:

Class size of 3-6 students

For students new to mono printing

Instructor: Patrick Loan

Languages: English

Winter Workshop 2021:

  • December 2nd:

Thursday, 5-8pm

One 3-hour session


€45 1-day intensive course fee, materials fee of €10

Total cost: €55

*The material fee covers paper, ink, rollers and all other matrials necessary for the process.

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