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Summer 2022


Outdoor Drawing

We will have two outdoor drawing sessions this summer! We will gather in Augarten in Vienna to explore outdoor drawing, where we can combine architectural elements together with landscape drawing. Points of emphasis will include landscape composition, perspective, depth, and mark making.  


Abby Brown and Patrick Loan will both be present as instructors to demonstrate various approaches to outdoor drawing. The session will start with 30-45 minutes of experimental warm ups and a mid-length drawing, and then we will move into 1-2 more developed drawings for the remaining time. 


You should bring:

  • Drawing materials: Sketchbook (A3 size recommended), pencil set, erasers, etc. 

  • Portable chair or picnic blanket (we will be in a lawn area)

  • Drinks and snacks recommended to stay hydrated


When: Sunday, July 24th, 11am-1pm


 Sunday, August 7th, 11am-1pm

Price:  €20 per session, can be paid at the session or ahead of time

Where: We will meet around the trees that are halfway between Sperling im Augarten cafe and the Tower. 

  Click Here for the exact location on google maps

RSVP: Please RSVP by email, so you are on the email list in case of weather updates (see below).


Since this is an outdoor event, if there is rainy weather we will unfortunately need to postpone the session. Please RSVP to be on the email list for any updates in case of bad weather.

Private Sessions 
with Abby Brown

Abby Brown will continue to be available to teach private art sessions up until August 5th. During this time since we are in-between studios, art sessions would take place either in-home (Abby can travel to the homes or studios of students), in public places such as cafes or parks, or in Abby’s garden at her apartment in the 9th district. 


Since there isn’t a fully equipped studio available, we would be limited regarding materials which could be used. Unless a student is able to provide a setup for painting, drawing would be the main focus in these sessions. Due to this we will be offering a discount for private sessions (see below). 


Summer discount: 

The session fee would be a flat rate of €25/hr* 

*This is 15% off of the usual €30/hr rate for a block of 16 hours, or 35% off of the usual €38/hr for pay-as-you-go sessions. If a session takes place more than 30 minutes by public transit from Schottenring UBahn, there may be an additional small travel fee. 


For all other information, see our Private Sessions page


In Development:
Virtual Feedback and Artistic Coaching

Abby Brown is developing a program to offer virtual feedback to students from around the world. This would be best suited for intermediate and advanced students who can work more independently. 


We are currently looking for up to 5 participants in the “beta version” of this program! The first 5 students will have a greatly reduced price while we work out the kinks in how the virtual feedback and coaching are structured. 


If you are interested, please send us an email here:


What we would do:

The structure of this could be very flexible depending on the needs of each student. Some options include:

  • Quick feedback: Send in a photo of an in-progress artwork and any specific questions, and Abby would record a roughly 5-minute video with suggestions and ideas for how to develop and improve the artwork. Abby would aim to send feedback within 24 hours during the work week, with a max waiting time of 48 hours.

  • Live sessions: Sessions over Zoom to discuss more complex topics which couldn’t be covered in a Quick Feedback video, such as themes and direction of artwork, concept development, artistic goal setting, planning new projects, etc.. Session could vary in length between 20-60 minutes depending on the topic.

  • Group Workshops: These would be group workshops over Zoom going more in-depth into certain topics, such as:

    • Divergent vs Convergent Thinking - their roles in creative practice and how to incorporate both effectively.

    • Artistic Goal Setting - creating clarity around what makes your art practice a “success”.

    • Conceptual Development - how to brainstorm ideas regarding what we want to express with our artwork and apply those ideas in our work.

    • Art Critiques - how to analyze our own and other’s artwork to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Please get in touch if you are interested! 

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