Summer 5-day

Intensive Course

for Teenagers

Aimed at the aspiring young artist who wants to improve their artistic skills or develop a portfolio to apply for the next stage of their art education – perfect for portfolio development to apply to art school!

This 5-day intensive course is designed to expose young artists to various approaches to art making. There will be a combination of experimental approaches which put ideas and expression over accuracy, and more measured, representational approaches.

The course will be taught by two professional artists, Abby Brown and Patrick Loan, with skills and experience in a variety of mediums. Students will not only learn technical skills in this intensive workshop, but will also be challanged to expand their perspective of what art can be and what role it has in society.

This intensive course will cover the fundamentals of drawing, painting and mono-printing and on the last day a clothed life drawing session will be held to introduce how to tackle drawing the human form.

Throughout this intensive course, students will receive one-on-one feedback from the instructors. This course is equally suited to beginner students and students with experience who are looking to hone their skills and develop and extend their art

Schedule and prices:

Class size of 3-8 students

For beginning and intermediate students

Ages 14+

Instructors: Abby Brown, Patrick Loan

Languages: English

At AB Art Studios, Seidlgasse 21, 1030 Vienna

Intensive workshop schedule:

July 22nd - July 26th

10am - 3pm, one hour lunch break

20 hours of taught lesson time


Day 1 - Drawing Fundamentals

Day 2 - Painting (still life)

Day 3 - Painting (abstract)

Day 4 - Mono-printing and drawing

Day 5 - Clothed figure drawing


€335 course fee plus €40 for included art materials, €375 total

Studio Address:

Schwarzingergasse 4

1020 Vienna

3rd Floor


+43 664 765 53 89

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