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Teenager Summer
Art Intensive

A 5-day exploration of artistic processes

Aimed at the aspiring young artist who wants to improve their artistic skills or develop a portfolio to apply for the next stage of their art education.

This 5-day intensive course is designed to expose young artists to various approaches to art making. There will be a combination of experimental approaches which put ideas and expression over accuracy, while also developing the skills for more measured, representational approaches. Students will not only learn technical skills in this intensive workshop, but will also be challenged to expand their perspective of what art can be and what role it has in society.

This intensive course will cover the fundamentals of drawing and mixed media, mono-printing, casting, 3D model making and photography.

Throughout this intensive course, students will receive one-on-one feedback from the instructors. This course is equally suited to beginner students and students with experience who are looking to hone their skills and develop and extend their art portfolio.

Schedule and prices:


Class size of 3-6 students

For beginning and intermediate students

Ages 13-18

Instructors: Abby Brown, Patrick Loan

Languages: English

At AB Art Studios, Schwarzingergasse 4, 1020 Vienna

Intensive workshop schedule:

August 9th-13th, 2021

10am - 3pm, one hour lunch break

20 hours of taught lesson time



€320 course fee plus €55 for included art materials, €375 total

Instructors and Topics:

Norfolk Landscape 01 charcoal paint .jpg

Drawing and Mixed Media
Abby Brown

This section will focus on drawing and mixed media techniques. Students will not only develop their skills using these materials, but will experiment with a variety of artistic processes. The exercises and projects will combine accurate measured drawing and a range of experimental drawing techniques. The accurate drawings will build the student’s skill with representational portrayal of form, while the abstract approaches will deepen the student’s understanding of the role of drawing in the creative process and expose them to different ways of thinking about art.

Printmaking, 3D Sculpture,
and Casting

Patrick Loan

Students will be introduced to mono-printing, casting and 3D design. They will be shown how to create mono-prints using the methods of drawing and impression on different surfaces, and explore textures and different ways of mark making. 

Students will also be introduced to basic casting methods using plaster, and also think about understanding sculptural form and structure. Casting involves "copying" an object by making a mould with the negative of the object. This mould can then be filled with another material to make a replica of that shape or object.

Students will also create a 3D object based on organic forms. These 3D objects will be created based on drawings created by the students of various organic objects, one of which will be the reference for beginning their 3D object. They will learn about 3D design and form, scale and interpretation. 

mono print apples.jpg

Marianne Tynan

Students will be introduced to the fundamental theory of photography. Focusing on key composition points such as; light, shadow, line, shape, form, texture, colour, size and depth.

After the introduction, students can apply what they have learnt to their own photography. In the practical element of the course, subjects will include cityscape photography within the neighbourhood of the studio and an alternative approach to viewing and taking self-portraits.

The lessons will be structured in such a way that students will be able to work with smartphones however, students are encouraged to bring their own digital cameras if possible.  

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