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Weekly Drawing and Mixed Media Sessions

Ongoing weekly drawing and mixed media sessions with an open and flexible structure. These sessions are designed to work with each student focusing on drawing and mixed media techniques and is open for all experience levels, from complete beginners to experienced students. Beginner students can go through a series of exercises and projects to develop the fundamental skills for creating successful artworks, learning about tone, line, color, representational rendering, experimental expressive approaches, depth, mark-making and composition. Intermediate and advanced students will refine their skills and explore more experimental and expressive techniques to take their art to the next level.

From learning how to tackle measured drawings with accuracy and precision to more experimental approaches focusing on mark making and depicting the essence of an object.  The student will become confident using a variety of drawing tools and materials in different situations. Some of the topics which could be explored in the sessions include: measured drawing for accurate proportions; experimental gestural drawing techniques; abstract improvisational drawing; structural drawing; drawing as inquiry; drawing the still life; figure drawing; perspective; understanding light and tone for shading.

It is an open class structure, where students will have the choice of what direction they want to focus on in their artwork. The instructor will give constructive feedback on a one-on-one basis with each student as they develop their artwork. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of subjects and approaches in these sessions, and it can be catered to fit the needs of each individual student.

​Weekly Drawing and Mixed Media Sessions schedule and prices:

Beginner-Advanced, all levels welcome

Instructor: Abby Brown

Languages: English, some German on request


2023 Schedule:

**No class on public holidays**


Weekly 2-hour sessions on:

  • Monday evenings from 6-8pm

Ongoing enrollment, can purchase a block of sessions or pay for each session individually


Sessions Fee:


Block of 8 sessons - €230 for 8 sessions to be used within a 10 week period, optional materials fee of  €15 for drawing*

Continuing enrollment discount of €20 for students who start another block within 2 weeks of when their last block of sessions ends.

Individual Sessions - €33 per 2-hour session, optional materials fee of €2 for drawing*

Please get in touch so we know to expect you for individual sessions. Email us here:

*Materials fee covers the use of all basic drawing supplies, such as graphite, charcoal, pens, markers, chalk pastels, ink, paper, etc. It is recommended to bring your own A3 sized sketchbook for drawing so all your sketches are in one sketchbook. 

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