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3D Plaster Casting

In this one-day workshop, participants will be introduced to basic casting methods using plaster, and also think about understanding sculptural form and structure.


Casting involves covering the object you want to ‘copy’ in a material which will then become firm enough to be detached from the object and keep its shape. A hollow space or negative of that object will then be left. This mould can then be filled with another material to make an exact replica of that shape, or the shape created by the plaster, can also be used on its own as an object. 


We will go through two basic processes, one that gives a more basic less refined result, and another process that gives a more detailed outcome. Each participant will be asked to bring an object(s) they want to make a cast from. The plaster casts created can either be used as sculptures on their own or incorporated into other artworks.


By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned two different casting methods, created casts of a 3D object and experienced this really interesting and flexible 3D process!

Schedule and prices 2021:

Class size of 4 students

For students new to cast making

Instructor: Patrick Loan

Languages: English

Summer 2021 Schedule:

  • July 3rd:



1 sessions, 2.5 hours


Workshop Price:

€50 Workshop Fee (incl. €10 materials fee)

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