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Studio founder
Lead instructor

Abby Brown

Abby Brown is the head instructor and founder of AB Art Studios and has been teaching art since 2013. She is originally from North Carolina, USA, and is currently living and working in Vienna, Austria. She completed her Bachelor of Arts from Wake Forest University in North Carolina, graduating Magna cum Laude with Honors in Fine Art. After moving to Austria, she has been living and working full-time from her artistic practice, and has exhibited her work internationally in Europe, the USA and Asia, in addition to curatorial work. 

Visiting Instructors

AB Art Studios sometimes hosts workshops and courses with visiting professional artists to expose students to new techniques, materials and approaches to art making. Check back often to see upcoming workshops and courses with visiting artists.

Studio Pooch

The studio often hosts a dog, Klaus. He is small, friendly, hypoallergenic and very playful. He likes to greet people loudly (we are working on that), but only to express his joy at having visitors. 

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