We regularly host workshops to expose students to new techniques and materials. Workshops typically last for one afternoon and take place about once a month. Many workshops are with visiting professional artists and will challange students to approach art in a new way and get outside their comfort zone.

Look below for info on upcoming workshops.

Upcoming workshops 2019 - click the title to skip to the workshop description:

There is limited space for each workshop, so get in touch to reserve a spot.

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Fall 2019 Workshops

Life Drawing


Abby Brown

Saturday October 12th


Working from a life model is an essential part of many artist's practice, and excellent drawing practice whether you want to focus on figurative art or not. There will be a life model and this workshop will teach all the essentials of how to approach drawing the figure. There will be demonstrations throughout the workshop to explain different approaches, including quick and expressive gestural drawings, and more acurate measured approaches. We will start with a series of short poses and spend about the last half of the workshop on a longer pose so stuents have time to create a more defined drawing. There will be one-on-one feedback throughout. 


Space is limited to 10 participants, so please register for the workshop right away to reserve your spot! 


What: Life Drawing Workshop

When: Saturday October 12th, 2019 from 2-5pm

Where: AB Art Studios, Althanstrasse 8

Price: €40, including model and instructor fee 


What you need to bring: A sketchbook A3 size or larger, charcoal and graphite drawing supplies (for an additional €3 you can use the studio's charcoal and graphite drawing supplies and sheets of paper) 


Portrait Series:

Bone structure and

mixing skin tones


Abby Brown

Saturday October 26th, 2019


This will be the first workshop of a coming series focusing on portrait painting. In this workshop, we will focus on the most findamental aspect of the portrait: the bone structure. This involves understanding the planes of the face, the general proportions and the anatomical structure, getting the "big picture" first before putting in any details of the facial features.

We will start the workshop by practicing mixing our color palette for naturalistic skin tones. Each student will learn about mixing skin tones and the variety of tones that are found in the skin, and will make their own color chart. This workshop will focus on lighter skin tones and coming workshops will cover darker skin tones.

Once our color palettes are ready, each student will work on a small portrait using a photo reference, with the instructor demonstrating step-by-step. The portrait will focus on capturing the shape, dimensionality and structure of the head.  Each student will recieve one-on-one feedback from the instructor, and will have a solid start to a portrait painting by the end of the workshop. Students can keep the photo reference to complete the details of the facial features after the workshop.

Space is limited to 8 participants, so please register for the workshop right away to reserve your spot! 


What: Portrait Series: Bone structure and mixing skin tones

When: Saturday October 26th, 2019 from 2-5pm

Where: AB Art Studios, Althanstrasse 8

Price: €40 + €5 materials fee (paints, canvas board etc.)


Experimental Life Drawing


Patrick Loan

November 16th, 2019


Free up the way you approach drawing in this experimental life drawing workshop. You will be given a variety of experimental drawing exercises designed to develop and expose you to different ways of drawing from the life model. For example: drawing with charcoal on a stick so you can't get too precious with the details, drawing with two pencils so you can find a new and interesting way of mark making and many other exciting methods of creating new and innovative drawings. 

You will use a range of materials to encourage you to respond to drawing in new and non-traditional ways and try out new and interesting mark making processes.

€40 per person + €5 if you use materials (paper, pencils, charcoal etc.) at the studio.

Materials list:

Large paper A2 (it doesn't have to be so good quality)

Thick marker pens (white board markers) 

selection of graphite pencils

coloured pencils or coloured felt tip markers

thick charcoal

Space is limited to 10 participants, so please register for the workshop right away to reserve your spot! 


Mono-printing Workshop


Patrick Loan

Saturday December 7th, 2019


Learn the basics of printmaking through mono-printing

The ‘low-tech’ nature of mono-printing makes it not only one of the most accessible methods of printmaking but also one of the most creative. This is an exciting and experimental workshop designed to either develop and inform your current art practice or provide a starting point for complete beginners.

In the workshop you will learn how to:
• prime a plate
• trace mono-print
• make mono-print drawings from a still life
By the end of the workshop you will be informed and confident to continue making your own mono-prints at home



Cost: €45 per person including materials (paper, printing ink etc.)

Space is limited to 8 participants, so please register for the workshop right away to reserve your spot! 


Studio policy for refunds and and cancelations:

For workshops, to reserve you place you must register and send confirmation of payment in advance. The course fee is fully refundable up to 2 weeks before the workshop, and a 50% refund is available up to 1 week before the workshop. If you cancel your spot within one week of the workshop, a refund is only possible if someone from the waitlist can take your spot. You are also welcome to give your spot to someone else. Workshops that are canceled by the instructor will be refunded.