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Imagine. Learn. Create.

AB Art Studios is Vienna's art school for modern and contemporary fine art courses and workshops in the English language.

About AB Art Studios

Abby Brown is an artist originally from the USA, and the founder and director of AB Art Studios where she offers fine art courses and workshops for adults and teenagers. The studio specializes in oil painting and drawing, though many other materials and processes can be explored. Instruction focuses on modern and contemporary approaches to art making, prioritizing expression, stylistic development and ideas over realism. However, a strong basis in the fundamentals of each material and technical aspects such as composition, rendering, mark-making, layering and color theory are taught to give students a strong technical foundation to build on. 


Classes are offered at every skill level, from complete beginner to advanced, in a studio environment that encourages creative exploration and experimentation. Students are encouraged to challenge their viewpoint of a subject and of art itself as they experiment with different approaches and explore artistic expression.


The primary language for courses and workshops is English.

AB Art Studios offers different options to suit your needs:

Weekly Art Sessions - Group art sessions meet every week, giving students time to develop skills and projects through a consistent study of artistic approaches. Our weekly sessions are listed Here

Workshops - one-day or weekend workshops on different topics to explore new materials and approaches to art making. Click Here to go to the workshop schedule

Private Sessions -  if you're looking for in-depth specialized instruction on a particular topic or if you need flexibility with scheduling, you can apply for one-on-one instruction. More info Here

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