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Shadow Box
Frame Building

In this workshop, participants will learn how to build their own shadow box frames. Shadow box frames work especially well for canvases, and give artwork on canvas a minimalist but polished presentation. With the ability to build them yourself, participants will develop the skill to create frames in custom sizes and also have a cost-effective method of framing their artwork by doing it themselves rather than going to a professional framer. 

During the workshop, participants will create their own frame as they follow along with the step-by-step process. Once all participant's frames are put together and the glue is left to dry, the instructor will demonstrate how to attach the frames to a canvas and install a hanging mechanism. 

20210618_151653 (1).jpg

Schedule and prices 2021:

Class size 3-5 students

For all experience levels

Instructor: Abby Brown

Languages: Primary language is English, German on request 

Summer 2021 Schedule:

  • July 9th



1 sessions, 2 hours


Workshop Price:

€55 Workshop total 

(€35 workshop fee, plus €20 materials fee)

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